Skillion Patio

Skillion Patios, Mandurah & Rockingham

If you are searching for a way to improve your outdoor space, look no further than a skillion patio from Coastal Patios WA. Stylish and affordable, skillion patios create a beautiful outdoor space custom tailored to your existing home. Our patio construction expertise combined with our knowledge of the Mandurah & Rockingham area ensures that you will get the perfect patio to suit your home and enhance your lifestyle.

What is a Skillion Patio?

A skillion patio is created using a single flat sloping surface with a visible pitch, as opposed to our flat patios. Skillion patios can be installed in a versatile array of settings, from extending the outdoor cover of verandas to creating a sleek carport over a currently bare driveway. The sloping design allows for maximum outdoor space to be maintained and provides a place for the hot air to rise, keeping you cool on summer days. We offer an array of impressive designs and versatile features making the skillion patio a beautiful and affordable choice.

Benefits of a Skillion Patio

All of our patios are able to offer relief from the hot summers and protection from the seasonal rains we know well here in Mandurah, while still allowing enjoyment of the outdoors. The benefit of the skillion patio is found in its pitched roof.

The height provided means hot air will rise to the upper end and leave you with a cool space. With the option to leave the top open, you can maximise the cooling effect by giving the warm air a path in which to escape – in return, this hot air is exchanged for the refreshing the sea breeze.

Furthermore, the pitch means that you don’t need to worry about drainage during winter storms. This makes a skillion patio a low maintenance addition to your home, allowing more time for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your newly expanded outdoor lifestyle. Once installed it is easy to see valued added to your home – both as an investment for your property and greater enjoyment of an outdoor way of life.

Why Coastal Patios WA?

At Coastal Patios WA we pride ourselves on listening to your desires and working with you the entire way to create the best patio for your home or commercial site. You will be working with the builder directly from the beginning of your patio project, ensuring that the design envisioned at the start is realised as the final patio constructed on site. We are proud to build patios with only Australian sourced materials, and we use multiple suppliers to get the best materials for your job. Furthermore, we use plated trusses to remove the chance of rust developing on all our patios. We understand that a patio is not only a structural addition to the house, but rather an extension of your lifestyle into the outdoors at home. Why settle for less?

As a local company we understand the needs of this area. We are able to pass this knowledge and experience on to you when working together to design and construct the best patio for your home. Our quality workmanship and dedication to achieving the perfect end result means we create the best patios Mandurah and Rockingham have on offer. Whether you are considering a skillion patio or one of our other designs, get in touch with Coastal Patios WA today for a free quote for your home or commercial project.