Flat Patio

High Quality Flat Patios in WA

Are you ready to make the most of the WA weather this year and extend your existing living space to include the outdoors? If so, investing in a flat patio from Coastal Patios WA is the perfect choice to achieve the smart outdoor living you imagine. This simple yet stylish design will add value to your home and increase your time spent outside, whether it be relaxing with the family or entertaining guests. Available in a wide range of colours, designs, and styles, a flat patio offers great value for money.

What is a Flat Patio?

The name says it all – a flat patio is a horizontal flat roof structure. A flat patio can be installed as a freestanding structure, creating a sheltered outdoor space or even as a carport, or can be attached to your existing home, extending a veranda or covering the back patio from the elements. Additionally, it can be incorporated with a gabled or curved roof patio – the possibilities are endless. Our builders will provide you with expert advice to custom tailor a flat patio to your needs and budget.

Benefits of a Flat Patio

The simplicity of a flat patio is one of its many attributes. The understated design blends well with existing structures while creating a fresh outdoor space in which to spend more time enjoying the desirable WA climate. This classic style is quick and easy to install, making it a very budget-friendly option. The simple shape makes it a versatile structure that can be used in many settings. From an entertaining space for the family, to coverage over a children’s playground or sandpit, or even a carport – the flat patio is a brilliant choice for value on a budget.

Why Coastal Patios WA?

With 20 years experience in the industry, we understand what it means to install a patio, from start to finish. It is more than just the installation of a structure; it’s the creation of an outdoor space that will lead to further enjoyment of the WA lifestyle. By speaking directly to the builder, you are in control of the end product, and we pride ourselves on providing the patio of your dreams at a price you can afford. We are proud to use only Australian sourced products, which we obtain from multiple suppliers to give you a patio of the highest construction quality. By using premium plated trusses we are able to create strong durable patios free from rust without the need for excessive support columns – leaving you with wide uninterrupted views. We are here to create your perfect patio.

We provide expert professional service and pride ourselves on delivering a first-rate customer experience. We use only the highest quality materials when constructing all of our patios, making us the best choice for custom patios in WA. We understand that a patio is a major investment to your home – let our 20 years of industry experience help guide your design and create the patio of your dreams. Contact Coastal Patios WA now to get a free quote for your home or commercial property.