Quality Carports in Mandurah & Rockingham

Considering a carport for your home? Look no further than Coastal Patios WA to provide you with a custom designed carport to suit your needs. We have two decades of experience designing and building carports in the Mandurah and Rockingham region. Whether creating a large free standing structure or space for a single car adjacent to your house, we can design the ideal carport for your home.

What is a Carport?

A carport is a covered, open-air structure. In its most basic form, this structure has four posts and a roof. The structure can be completely open or have walls on one or two sides. A carport is large enough to provide shelter for vehicles beneath, and can vary in height according to the dimensions of the site.

Carports differ from garages in that garages are fully enclosed structures. Like carports, garages can be attached to the home or be free standing. A carport offers protection from the elements at an excellent price point when compared to a garage and is relatively simple to install.

Carports are commonly located adjacent to the home, and make take advantage of this location, using the house to enclose one side of the carport. Flat, skillion, and gable patios can be used as carports, creating a style to match either an existing patio or the rest of your home. They provide a sheltered outdoor space not only for vehicles, but also bicycles, lawn mowers, and other outdoor storage items.

Benefits of a Carport

Carports provide immeasurable value for your vehicles and your home. The roof provides protection for your car from the weather, which we know can be unpredictable at times. From unexpected hail storms to windy weather and falling branches, the carport can protect your car from significant damage.

Carports also offer convenience. Having a shaded area in which to park your car means that you will avoid burning seats and hot steering wheels in summer. A roof overhead means that you can get groceries out of the car without getting wet during rainy winter weather.

A carport brings good return on investment for your home. The protection offered for cars and the convenience to your lifestyle translates into additional resale value for your home. With materials available in a wide range of colours and styles, the carport can be matched to your existing home and create a welcome addition to the house.

Why Coastal Patios WA?

Coastal Patios WA should be your first destination in Mandurah for carport construction. With over 20 years of experience in the area, we understand what a carport means for your home and your lifestyle. We are proud to use local materials of the highest quality best suited for the job. At Coastal Patios WA you talk to the builder from the beginning, so from project design to final installation, we guarantee you will know what you are getting. Let our experts help you design the perfect carport for your home. Contact Coastal Patios WA today!