Why Should I Invest in a Carport?

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Why Should I Invest in a Carport?


A carport is a valuable investment for your home, and returns more than just vehicle protection. In addition to shielding your car from the elements, a carport is an additional covered alfresco area that provides a variety of benefits for you and your family. Whether it’s staying dry when unloading groceries, or spreading a family event under the shade of the carport, this is an investment that you will appreciate year after year.

Why is it Essential to Have a Carport in Mandurah and Rockingham?

We understand the extremes of weather that Mandurah and Rockingham experience throughout the year. From harsh summer sun with high UV ratings and hot temperatures, to strong winter storms that can see damaging hail affecting our cars and homes, this region is exposed to the elements. Even when the weather isn’t extreme, the constant ocean breeze brings salt and sea spray that can have damaging effects on bikes and cars alike.

Installing a carport will prevent your vehicle from the constant exposure it would otherwise be susceptible to. Not only does the carport prevent your car from sitting out in the sun, it also limits the condensation that appears overnight on cars left in the open. Additionally, it provides protection from the unexpected – windy days and falling branches, as well as the accidental stray footy ball. Your car is a major investment, so be sure to protect it properly with a carport.

Extra Entertaining Area

Don’t feel limited by your carport because of the name – if you need extra entertaining space, park your car on the street and use the shade provided from the carport. Move a few tables and chairs underneath and you can easily extend your next family gathering under the tall canopy. Let the kids enjoy the lawn while the adults chat in the shade, and find yourself enjoying an additional, often overlooked alfresco space.


No longer will you worry about loading and unloading the car due to the weather. We have all experienced trying to bring groceries during a rain storm, or unloading the car from a camping trip in the heat. These unpleasant situations will be only memories thanks to the carport. Stay dry and sheltered from your car to the front door, and no longer worry about the weather impacting these tasks.

Add Value to Your Home

A carport not only protects your vehicle, but it adds value to your home. When it comes time to sell, buyers easily see the value and convenience offered by a carport, rather than an open exposed driveway. With the variety of options and styles available, carports can be installed to seamlessly match the look of your home, so they maintain your style and add value straight away.

Coastal Patios WA understands the lifestyle of our customers. We have been providing carports to the Mandurah and Rockingham area for nearly 20 years, and can design and install a carport to suit your home. Contact Coastal Patios WA today!

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How To Turn Your Gable Patio Into An Oasis


Is your patio looking a little tired? Why not give it a bit of love and create a fresh look with a few easy steps. We’ve gathered a few simple ideas of how to turn your patio into a lovely alfresco retreat.

Invest in Plants and Succulents

Adding plants to your patio is a lovely way to soften the space and add some life (literally) to the area. A gable patio offers the perfect opportunity for hanging plants. Consider hanging plants below each other in a vertical lines. This is a unique way to create a green curtain-style privacy screen from neighbours.

If you have a blank wall that needs some attention, plan a vertical garden. You can attach planter boxes to the wall, or construct free standing vertical terraces for the space. If the wall extends behind an existing garden, why not plant vines? Overtime the plant will take over the wall and create a green backdrop – a great way to stay cool in summer.

No green thumb? Succulents are not only easy to keep, but rising in popularity. These hearty water wise plants add colour to the space and can be placed in a variety of pots, containers, garden beds to suit your style.

Add Bright Colours

Most gable patios are installed in neutral colours set to match the house. So why not add a splash of colour with accessories? This is great chance to play with fuchsia, turquoise, orange and yellow. Consider brightly coloured cushions for your outdoor setting – mix and match patterns with stripes and solid colours for a playful festive style.

A colourful rug goes a long way to brighten a space and bring a theme together. A single large rug looks stunning in a large space. For smaller spaces, multiple throw rugs and runners will add a pop of colour, and can often be thrown in the washer for easy maintenance.

Consider painting old furniture – that neglected wooden bench can make a quick weekend project with a little TLC. Adding a bright new coat of paint can transform something old into a statement piece for your outdoor space. Find an old coffee table or even some crates – after a fresh splash of paint, these pieces make great side tables for drinks and snacks while entertaining.

Keep It Simple

A patio makeover doesn’t have to break the bank, and shouldn’t involve too much work. Less is often more, and by selecting the right pieces for your alfresco you can make a strong impact. Don’t overlook the power of a fresh coat of paint and a string of fairy lights. The crisp clean glow will be sure to transport you on those warm summer evenings.

A gable patio gives you the perfect setting for an eye catching chandelier. Look for brightly coloured crystalline options, or metal settings where you can swap the globes for candles. This can be the perfect accent to spruce up your patio.

Coastal Patios WA are masters at creating gable patios to perfectly suit your home. Get in touch today for your home patio project.

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Australia Day With Your Alfresco In Mandurah

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Summer is in full swing with patios and alfrescos getting plenty of use throughout the Mandurah and Rockingham area. The weather is hot, the sun is shining, and Australia Day is right around the corner. This year, when making plans for Australia Day, why not considering celebrating at home and showing off your alfresco area to your friends and family? Explore these suggestions and find inspiration for making your Australia Day celebration an event to remember.

Prepare your Alfresco in Mandurah

Australia Day is about getting outside and making the most of the summer weather. With a little preparation you will be sure to have your guests already asking you to host again next year.

Get your garden in top shape

We know that lawns suffer in the summer heat, but with a little foresight you can keep that lawn looking green. Water in the evenings for the weeks leading up to Aussie Day, and give it a mow the day before so it’s looking sharp and feeling soft underfoot. Pull weeds and make sure garden beds are free of leaves for a great first impression.

You can never have too many decorations

There is no such as thing one Australian flag too many at an Aussie Day party. Flags, banners, tablecloths, plates and serviettes are all great ways to show off your pride. Drape green and gold streamers across the patio for maximum festivity, and grab an inflatable kangaroo for extra pride points!

Get the pool sparkling

Be sure to clean the pool of all debris and have that water sparkling clear. With typical summer temperatures, Aussie Day is sure to see all your mates in the pool at least once for a refreshing dip. If you don’t have a pool, grab a kiddie pool and fill that the day before. Guests will happily cool their feet and the little ones will have a blast.

Food, Drink, and Entertainment

No Australia Day celebration is complete without a BBQ and some music. Be sure to have the tunes cranking and the grill fired up for all day entertainment with friends and family.

Guests are likely to bring their own favourite bevvies of choice, but a crisp bowl of punch is a welcome treat for guests. Sparkling waters and juices are a crowd pleaser on a hot day. Think pomegranate and cranberry, and splash some fresh berries in for a drink that looks as good as it tastes.

Sausage rolls and meat pies have to make an appearance at any true blue Aussie Day party. These timeless crowd pleasers are welcome fare all day long. Combined with a BBQ full of sausages and lamb cutlets, no guests will be leaving hungry.

Nothing says Aussie dessert like lamingtons and pavlova. Ask guests who has the best family recipe and ask them to bring their creations to share with everyone. Someone always has an aunt who does it best, so be sure to get them to bring their recipe along this year.

Coastal Patios WA love Australia Day as much as the next Aussie, and look forward year round to celebrating in Mandurah under the alfresco. Be sure to contact Coastal Patios WA today to create your custom designed alfresco space today!

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22nd May 2015

“Hi Greg, Just a short note to express my thanks for a job well done.

I am very particular, expecting a high quality job with an excellent finish.  You did your very best to facilitate my requirements and requests, for which I thank you.

I will be pleased to recommend Coastal Patios WA.

Thank you once again for a very neat job which looks really nice,

Yours sincerely, Bernard Alexander” (Lakelands, Mandurah)

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